Double You Single View is a choreographic solo of scenic and performative nature centered around the elements of voice and corporeality to unfold devices of representation and thought.

In Double You Single View, I adopt a cinematic character and create an invisible landscape in which the performer navigates and presents reflections on intimacy through voice, movement, and musical encounters with materiality. The inseparability of body and voice is revealed as the inseparability of sound and matter.

As I subtly combine casual intonations with minimal melodies, occasionally transforming them into song, a line is drawn between music, speech and outcry. A dance emerges as a body that recalls stories of the past.


About the artist:

Magalí Camps (she/her) is a dancer and performer. Starting to dance at an early age and with a musical background, she continued her studies at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen (DK), where she graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor’s degree in Dance and Choreography.

She has been an apprentice and guest dancer with Cullberg in Stockholm (SE), working with Alma Söderberg, Halla Ólafsdóttir, Hooman Sharifi, Jeanine Durning and Jefta van Dinther. As a performer, she has also worked for choreographers Doris Uhlich, Francesco Scavetta, Matija Ferlin, Renan Martins and Samuel Feldhandler. Her work in dance revolves around the convergence of language, writing and singing, intersecting with concepts of intimacy and performance.


Huset, Xenon

Rådhusstræde 13

1466 København K
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