HUSET x Loppen: Gurriers (IE)

Energetic post-punk from Dublin

Gurriers was created in the middle of the lockdowns during the pandemic, claiming their place as the newest addition to Dublin’s alternative music scene with their mix of post-punk, noise and shoegaze. Gurriers is made up of a tightly knitted and loud gang of five consisting of the members Dan Hoff, Emmet White, Ben O’Neill, Mark MacCormack and Pierce Callaghan who have managed to refine the art of being both friends, roommates and colleagues all at once. 


During the last two years the Gurriers have expanded on their dangerously addictive sound, which have culminated in two singles, opening gigs for Goat Girl and Enola Gay and sold out shows at the famous London club Brixton Windmill. 


The band describes their live shows as unruly, loud and turbulent, driven by a suppressed need to perform during their long stay in their rehearsal space under the pandemic. 


We are ready for Gurriers blowing off the roof of Huset! Are you?


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Huset, Musikcafeen

Rådhusstræde 13

1466 København
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