Napoleon Solo: 40-års jubilæum


Musikcafeen holds a special significance for Napoleon Solo, who played more than 25 sold-out concerts there during the 80s and 90s. Napoleon Solo was even named Band of the Month at Musikcaffen in January 1986 and received the John of the Year award in 1989. Anecdotes from that period are plentiful. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that Napoleon Solo returns to Musikcafeen on the very day of the anniversary to deliver a spectacular party for old and new fans alike. As tradition dictates, surprises may occur.

Napoleon Solo, which began in 1984, is one of Denmark's oldest ska bands. Ever since, the band, known for its lively and stylish performances, has delivered solid ska with a touch of reggae and soul to both Danish and international audiences.

The band played its first concert outside Denmark in 1986. In 1988, the band performed at The London International Ska Festival and released the EP "How To Steal The World" featuring the catchy tune "I Don’t Believe You." At that time, the English magazine New Musical Express named Napoleon Solo one of the ten best ska bands in the world.

In 1989, the album "Shot!" was released, with hits like "Trains & Buses," "Always Friday," and "Baby Elephant Walk." This marked the beginning of several tours in Denmark, Germany, and England, including with the English band Bad Manners.

As the only Scandinavian band, Napoleon Solo performed again at The London International Ska Festival in 2011. That same year, "Shot!" was re-released, and Napoleon Solo performed with The Specials in Copenhagen.

In 2018, Napoleon Solo released the album "Open Channel D" with classics like "Nobody Told Me" and newer material like "Hot as Ice" on German Pork Pie Records and American Jump Up Records.

In 2019, the group celebrated its 35th anniversary at the This Is Ska Festival in Germany, and in 2021, they were one of the headliners at the German festival Ska is Back in Town. Last year, Napoleon Solo participated in a memorial concert for The Specials’ lead singer Terry Hall at Loppen.

Napoleon Solo still consists of: Søren Ole Christensen (vocals), Jasper Holst Jørgensen (vocals/guitar), Sonny Henry Rasmussen (guitar), Poul Siersbæk (bass), Jens Wennecke (drums), Jacob Palitzsch (organ), René Dreyer (guitar), Jack Rothe (alto and tenor saxophone), and Hans Nybo (tenor and baritone saxophone).


Huset, Musikcafeen

Rådhusstræde 13

1466 København
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