Favorite Things

Favorite Things is an organisation that represents music they miss hearing on a live stage. By booking artists who work across genres, a meeting point is created for genres and target groups for the events

Favorite Things is an event organization that started in Aarhus in 2017. They are known for their club events at Tape, concert evenings at Musikcaféen i Huset and showcases at various festivals. Favorite Things is currently run by Malte Sanggaard, who books, promotes, DJs and whatever else goes with it. In addition, there is a wide variety of partnerships with former members and through what they consider their international music family.

Favorite Things presents music where they experience a gap between availability and demand. This is achieved both by looking externally to find new talents, but also to a large extent by bringing one's own network into play. Thus arises the sense of community that they strive for. After several years of successful collaboration, Favorite Things brings the magic to Huset as an external event every year.

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Favorite Things

Malte Sanggaard

Rådhusstræde 13

1466 København