We are looking for volunteers!

Are you interested in being a part of Denmarks first cultural house? Then don't hesitate to contact us - we need you!

We are so thankfull for our huge, loving and festive network of volunteers. Without all these amazing people helping behind our bars and creating events at our venues, we wouldn't have a functional cultural house. Do you want to be a part of the familiy?

We offer to become a volunteer in different areas of Huset

  • Be a voluntary part of Huset's barteam
  • Be a voluntary part of Huset's promoteam
  • Become a game guru at Bastard Café
  • Volunteer at Huset's biograf
  • Become a co-creator at Teaterhuset
  • Create events at Huset together with our different cultural partners

Already interested in volunteering? Apply right here.