The trio plays whatever comes to their mind. Original songs, jazz standards and everything in between.

Venue: Husets hyggelige gårdhave 

Døre: 13.00 

Show: 14.00

Entre: Gratis

Saxtrioen Bennich/Sjödell/Norman vender tilbage til HUSET´s Gårdscene under Copenhagen Jazzfestival. Trioen spiller lige det, der falder dem ind. Originale sange, jazzstandarder og alt derimellem. 

Hannes Bennich:

Swedish saxophonist and composer Hannes Bennich is one of the most interesting new voices on the Scandinavian jazz scene. He grew up on the Swedish countryside outside Norrköping and started playing the saxophone when he was 10 years old. When finishing school Hannes decided to study Jazz at a higher level and started at Lunnevad Folkhögskola and later on at Skurup Folkhögskola in southern Sweden before ending his education at Malmö Music Academy. After getting his bachelor degree at Malmö Music Academy he quickly established himself in the Copenhagen/Malmö region as a saxophonist with a unique sound and technical freedom. In 2020 he became member of the ”Kathrine Windfeld Sextet” which has been seen on some of the most prestigious scenes and festivals around Europe.

 ”When Losing A Dream To Reality” is Hannes Bennich’s debut album with music inspired by both his and others dreams. The music represents the anxiety, the beauty, the hope and the disappointment a dream can give you. As soon as a dream is fulfilled you can no longer shape it. The dream is now reality and out of your control. It’s terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

Tomas Sjödell:

Tomas has studied at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2019.

Since then he has been heard frequently as a sideman on the jazz scene in Stockholm and you often hear him with Erik Söderlind/Jonny Ek, Hannes Bennich and Ebba Åsman etc. He has also played concerts in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Netherlands and Italy.

Emil Norman:

Emil Norman (b. 1992) is a jazz drummer born in Århus, Denmark. He started playing drums when he was 8, and he fell in love with jazz music in his early teens. Emil has a Bachelor´s degree from The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden, and he continued his studies in New York at Manhattan School of Music, where he studied with the likes of John Riley, Kendrick Scott, Marc Carey and many more. Emil has played concerts in Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, Iceland, Czech Republic, Turkey, China and USA. Emil currently lives in Oslo, Norway.

Line Up: 

Emil Norman (DK) - Drums

Hannes Bennich (SE) - Sax

Tomas Sjödell (SE) - Bas




Du kan opleve flere gratis jazzkoncerter og nyde en kold fadøl i HUSETs Gårdhave under hele Copenhagen Jazz Festival. 

Det foregår 05.07-06.07 + 08.07-13.07 kl. 15:30 + 17:00 + 18:30


Huset, Gårdhaven

Rådhusstræde 13

1466 København
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