Press and communications

Huset is a culture house with a lot of events and activities and therefore you'll probably notice that we have a lot of different promotors promoting our events. Read more about our press and communications here

Co-created promotion

The events and activities at Huset are fully or partially co-created with different cultural and creative environments and many of the artists and entrepreneurs are not that widely known (yet). Therefore we find it natural to make use of co-created promotion to reach as many interested audiences as possible.

Huset supports cultural environments so that they can develop their potential within all areas of event production and a big paart of this is the promotion and communication of their ideas and initiatives.

Our communications editor supports our partners primarily through advice and planning so that they can promote their event or activity to a potential audience and at the same time we try to promote the overall program at Huset trough our own channels.

You will therefore experience communication about Huset's events and activities from many different channels and at the same time get an idea of the breadth of our program through our official channels.

Press contact and communications editor

Communications Editor

Contact person

Christina Ben-Yedidia Lykkegaard


GDPR and our use of images

We would like to point out that Huset has a group of volunteer photographers who often take pictures at events. These photos might be used at our Facebook page and Instagram, on the website or on printed media.

Since the introduction of the data protection legislation, written consent must be obtained if individuals are prominent in the images. If we take a photo where your face a prominent and we would like to use it on any of our channels, we will contact you and ask you to sign a photo usage consent form before use.

Audiences may appear in photos without written consent. Only in situations where individuals are not the focus of the photos. If you disagree with our assessment, please contact us and we will remove the image from our channels in the future.

Your rights

When you give your consent, you subsequently have a number of rights. These include the right to access, the right to rectification and the right to deletion.

It’s voluntary whether you want to give us your consent. If you choose not to give your consent, it will not affect you in other contexts. And if you choose to give your consent, you can always withdraw it at a later time.


If you withdraw consent, or if you request that your information should be deleted, we will remove your name, images and video from the relevant website and posts on social media. However, we cannot guarantee an effective deletion due to the way the internet works and social media's own conditions.

You can withdraw your consent by contacting us.