Musikcaféen is an iconic music venue which has excisted since the beginning of the seventies. At Musicaféen you have the possibilty to experience new international and Danish artists before their break through.

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Luka Kauzlaric

About Musikcaféen

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How do I book Musikcaféen?

Musikcaféen is interested in larger collabs with associations, record labels and similar actors.

Send a booking request to our music editor Jonas Sejersbøll Kielland at

OBS: We are getting alot of inquiries. Please note that it's possible to give everyone an answer on their request.

Capacity and price

Musikcaféen has space for 150 standing guests or 65-85 seated guests. The venue is suitable for (release) concerts, label nights and receptions.

The rental price is depends on the purpose of the event, technial requirements and how organised you are. Therefore the price is always agreed between you and our music editor Jonas Sejersbøll Kielland.

Technical specifications



Mixer: Yamaha CL5 + Yamaha Rio3224-D2 digital I/O box

  • 4 x tops – Meyer Sound X40
  • 4 x subs – Meyer Sound 750LFC
  • 4 x Monitor Yamaha CZR12 (2 x Yamaha DSR112) - Amp: 2 x Zeck PT9


  • 1x Shure Beta 52A
  • 1x Sennheiser E602 II
  • 1x Sennheiser E902
  • 6x Sennheiser E904
  • 6x Sennheiser E614
  • 3x Sennheiser E906
  • 3x Sennheiser E606
  • 1x Shure Beta 57
  • 5x Shure 57
  • 5x Shure Beta 58


  • 2x Radial Pro AV2
  • 2x Radial Pro AV1
  • 3x DBX DB12 Active
  • 1x Palmer Audionomix: 4 ch passive
  • 6x BSS Audio AR-133 Active DI


Drums: Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drumkit:

  • 22” bassdrum
  • 10” tom
  • 12” tom
  • 16” floor tom
  • 14” snare

 + hardware (no cymbals)

Guitar amps:

  • 1x Fender Deville
  • 1x Fender Deluxe
  • 1x Fender Twin Reverb

Bass amps:

  • 1x Ampeg BA115hp

Elektrick piano:

  • Yamaha Stage Piano CP33


  • 2x Technics SL-1210MK2 turntables
  • 1x Behringer DDM 4000 mixer


Mixer: Chamsys QuickQ20

  • Back: 7x Cameo TS 60 RGBW LED Theater Spots
  • Side: 2x Cameo TS 60 RGBW LED Theater Spots
  • Front: 2x Fresnel CCT + 1x Hazer Hz-200 Compact

If you have any questions or need more information about the technical specifications, please contact our music editor Jonas Sejersbøl Kielland at



Jonas Sejersbøll Kielland

Rådhusstræde 13, 3. TH

1466 København K