On the top floor of Huset you'll find this amazing black box venue where you're able to experience cross-artistic experiments and performances.

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Luka Kauzlaric

About Xenon

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Xenon Residency

Our takeover-concept Xenon Residency gives ambitous and visionary artists the ultimate creative space to mix diffenrent art forms. We'll leave the keys to Xenon for about a week and the artist are making unique experinces by creating fantastic scenography, visuals, light, art and other musical expressions.

Can I make cultural events at Xenon?

Send a booking request to our cultural editor Mikkel Sønnichsen at mikkel@huset-kbh.dk.

Can I book Xenon for concerts?

Send a booking request to our music editor Jonas Sejersbøl Kielland på mail: jonas@huset-kbh.dk.

Capacity and price

Xenon has room for 150 standing guests and 120 seated guests.

The price depends on the purpose of the event and technical need. Ask therefore our editors for the specific price.

Technical specifications



Mixer: Midas M32

Stagebox: Midas DL32

  • 4x Top Yamaha DSR115
  • 4x Sub Yamaha DXS18
  • 6x Yamaha DSR 112 monitor (8 depending on the day)

OBS: Microphones is borrowed from Musikcaféen.


Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

Dimensions: 1,49 W x 1,01 H x 1,86 L

The piano is tunes in 440 Hz, if you need it to be tuned in 442 Hz, please request this beforehand.

If you need backline from Musikcaféen, this need to be requested beforhand as well.


  • 9x Source 4 jr profilspot
  • 4x Par 64
  • 8x Scena 650/1000 Fresnel
  • 1x Strand Prelude F Fresnel
  • 1x CCT Minuette Fresnel
  • 4x Spotlight Combi 05 Fresnel
  • 3x Par 56
  • 4x Strand ABC Fresnel
  • 1x par 30
  • 4x Cameo F2 FC RGB W LED Fresnel
  • 4x Stairville par 56
  • 1x LED par 64
  • 1x Showtec LED Aquatic


Projector: Epson EB L400U (4500 lumen)

Screen: 321x304

If you have any questions or need other information about our technical specifications, please contact our music editor Jonas Sejersbøl Kielland at jonas@huset-kbh.dk.



Rådhusstræde 13, 4. sal

1466 København