Samlingspunkt Indre By

Samlingspunkt Indre By is an association for retired seniors in Københavns Kommune, who are interested in taking part in a social and cultural community

Samlingspunkt Indre By is located at Huset's second floor, where seniors are talking, discussing, eating and listening in Husets Biograf. Besides having a great time Samlingspunkt Indre By also offers different creative workshops, movienight, gymnastics and few times every year shorts trips with sleepover.

Why is Samlungspunkt Indre By important for Huset?

A lot of the members of Samlinspunkt Indre By have been hanging around Huset at a very young age. They've been a part of the beginning of Huset and since then they've been figting to preserve Huset. Some of our members started their youth here and are now back as retired seniors.

Om Samlingspunktet

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