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Step into the cinema, that make you go back in time

Founded in 1973, Husets Biograf is Copenhagen's coziest movie theater and currently one of the last commercial cinema in Denmark that still screens "real" film (16mm and 35mm celluloid).

With its uniquely colorful and bizarre cafe decorations, the cinema has proven to be the ideal host for everything from children's brirthday parties to Halloween movie marathons and is especially know for its cult movie events like The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Big Lebowski Drink-along and THE ROOM, which we have been screening since 2011. With its custom built stage and 63 seats, its intimate atmosphere is ideal for combining live music and performance with film, and it also hosts a long-running children's film club (founded in 1992) and the Samlingspunkt social organization for senior citizens.

In a world of big theater chains and sterile multiplex cinemas, Husets Biograf combines a personal touch with a fiercely anti-corporate atmosphere and attitude that harkens back to the founding hippie/Bohemian spirit of Huset, launched in 1970.

The cinema is run by Danish and international movie buffs who volunteer in the bar, run and plan screenings and partnerships and promotion. The volunteer group is a very social community and you can take part in it! Just get in touch. 

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About Husets Biograf

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How do I book Husets Biograf?

Send a request to Jack Stevenson at It's possible to rent Husets Biograf from 30 min. to eight hours. The cinema's staff will arrive an hour before your meeting or event.

I would like to watch a movie in Husets Biograf, where do I find the progam?

The full program is added on Husets Biograf's Facebook page. Check out the program here.


The cinema hold 63 seats, while the café area can sit 25-30 people.


Husets Biograf

Jack Stevenson

Rådhusstræde 13, 2. TH

1466 København