Science Faction: Marvel Superheroes

On the 15th of June, Science Faction will take you on a deep dive into superheroes and their powers, as portrayed in the Marvel films.

Can superhumans be created in the lab like Captain America? 

Is Jarvis pure fiction, or do we see a future where Artificial Intelligence can achieve enlightenment?

If you've never experienced our events before you are in for a treat. Science Faction is scientific panel debates focusing on a specific piece of pop-culture (usually sci-fi), with a panel of scientists and experts aligned with the films' subjects.

At Science Faction, you get to experience some of the best brains in the country dole out their hard earned scientific insights, wonder about our world, and enthusiastically bring their dreams of the future to life. In the past, our panelists have danced over such evocative subjects as space-time folding and the absurdity of earthworm sex-life, often in the same sentence.

Grab your group of friends, have a beer at the bar, take a seat, and prepare for a wonderful night of science and laughs.

The doors (and the bar) open at 18:30, and the panel begins at 19:00

Note that this iteration of Science Faction will be in english.

Note also that Science Faction has moved to the Xenon stage at Huset, which means we have more tickets available than usual. We still expect to be sold out, so round up your friends and get that ticket now!


Xenon på 4. sal, Huset, Xenon på 4. sal, Huset

Rådhusstræde 13

1466 København K

Døre: 18.30
Eventstart: 19.00
Entré: 85,-

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