Volunteering in Huset

Be a volunteer at Huset

Without our amazing volunteers helping behind bars and at our venues, we wouldn't have such an interesting cultural venue. Do you want to become a part of the familiy? Don't hesitate - apply!

Astrid Maria Busse Rasmussen

Community and volunteering

We love our large, loving and festive community of volunteers in Huset. Without our volunteers our cultural center wouldn't be functioning as well as it does now. They help behind bars, stages and at events.

Where can I become a volunteer?

  • Be a voluntary part of Huset's barteam
  • Be a voluntary part of Huset's promoteam
  • Become a game guru at Bastard Café
  • Volunteer at Huset's biograf
  • Become a co-creator at Teaterhuset
  • Be a voluntary part in cooporation with one of our cultural partners

Benfits of being a volunteer at Huset

As a volunteer you'll not only become a part of the social and cultural network, but you'll also have access to amazing cultural experiences.

  • Free entrance to several of Huset's events and activities
  • Discounts
  • Invitations to parties and activities specially arranged for our volunteers

How can I become a volunteer at Huset?

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Our Huset barteam

Volunteers will help to staff bars during cultural events and activities. Besides that volunteers help to run events, tickets, entrance and cleaning. Huset has four bars and are placed in different buildings of Huset. As a bar volunteer you'll get a lot fun experiences from concerts to theatre, open mic and comedy.

Huset's barteam is the largest team with 100 active volunteers.

To become a part of the barteam, it's a requirement to take to shifts every month. Your shifts will be planned in a monthly schedule and it's possible to switch shifts volunteers inbetween. 

We are continuously searching for new volunteers, and you're always welcome to contact us if you've any questions.

Contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Do you like to tell stories and are you able to see the interesting view on an event? Do you have an interest and skills in communication, journalism, photography and social media? Then you can become part of our voluntary Huset Reporter team.

Our Huset-Reporters help create content in the form of e.g. interviews, video, reels, reports and articles for our social media and website. Here you can try out your journalistic skills and gain experience for your CV, perhaps while you are studying or just because you think it would be fun to meet a lot of creative people.

We are always looking for volunteer Huset-Reporters, and you are always welcome to contact us with questions.

Contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page or write directly to b95x@kk.dk

Volunteer in Husets Biograf

Do you love movies? And are you interested in making friends who love movies just as much as you do?

At Huset's Biograf you help with movie screenings, bar shifts and ticketsale. You can even get the opportunity to run new movie concepts and events.

You'll get a great network if you're a volunteer at Huset's Biograf. There'll be lots of parties, free movie screenings and events in Huset to go to.

Contact jack.stevenson@mail.dk to become a volunteer at Huset's Biograf.

Co-creator with Teaterhuset

Teaterhuset is a growth layer association supporting independent performing arts. They arrange exciting activities, which is easy to engage in. Teaterhuset organize info-evening, where you can get more information about being a co-creator. 

Read more or register as a volunteer at Teaterhuset right here.

Game guru at Bastard Café

Do you love board games, and are you a living game manual?

Then you for sure have to be one of Bastard Café's game gurus. It's not a must to know everything about all board games in the world. Bastard Café has a vision, where game gurus support the joy of playing board games.

If you're interested in becoming af voluntary game guru, contact Batstard Café here: guru@bastardcafe.dk