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Cultural Partnerships

Huset is a platform of multiple elements of culture, where volunteers and inspiring cultural environments get room to exchange experiences to create new and innovative events and activities.

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We create culture together

Huset's activities are either partly or fully created through co-creations with our cultural partners. It's important that we make different cultural environments of Copenhagen unleash their full potential within the spirit of Huset.

We offer feedback and support of your ideas, because we believe we can make bigger and greater things together.

Cultural life is in constant movement by exprimenting new forms and ways, and we want to be a part of making innovative ways and forms grow. We are defining Huset as a laboratory or a playground, where cultural entrepreneurs can dream even bigger and test their ideas to give culture new life.

We have many years of experience in culture creation, and we are convinced, that it'll benefit new and untried cultural operators and environments. We assist and work together with you on both technical help, production and PR and communication.

Co-creation for us is developing ideas from cultural entrepreneurs - both behind and on stage.

How to be a Cultural Partner in Huset

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What criteria and requirements does Huset have for a Cultural Partner?

Before we start a collaboration with a cultural partner, we have a number of requirements. 

We prioritise growth layer activities, young evironments and non-commercial cultural operators, who work within the buzzwords of Huset: growth layer, activism, non-commercial activities and populism. It's important that our activities match our vision, therefore we've developed a model called 'Kriteriehuset', where any new cultural partner can define there match with Huset or the opposite.

About Kriteriehuset

Kriteriehuset is a tool to select, develop and strenghen our collaborations with cultural environments, who is already a part of Huset.

Our vision is to co-create by facilitating, hosting and supporting art and innovative cultural operators, who challenge and inspire people at the same time.

Through art and culture we:

  1. support new communities and forms of participation.
  2. make Huset vivid and a curious place to be.
  3. are ambtious, orginal and visionary.
  4. are experimental and transforming.

All activities must be economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Other criteria

We also support following critirea:

  • Events must be public and open for everybody regardless sex, ethnicity, sexuality or religion.
  • Events can't be party-political.
  • We strive to support diversity and therefore the entrance fee must be at a cost where everyone has the opportunity to participate.
  • Huset is a co-creator of the project. Huset's guidelines for design and expression must be followed on printed material and online. We will review the guidelines with you at an introductory meeting.

If the event follows with extra costs for Huset, we will charge a matching payment. An extra cost can be related to special needs for audio equipment, cleaning, an event that doesn't match the opening hours of Huset, etc. When we agree on a collaboration, we make a concrete contract and discuss the economic circumstances.

Benefits from being a cultural operator in Huset?

Growing from idea to event

We are always ready to help your event, project or idea become a reality, no matter where the idea are in the process. We can help on several levels, depending on how large your resources and/or network are.

It very important for us, that you remain the owner of the idea or event, and we contribute to make your project a reality. Our focus is how you collect as much experience as possible and the result is hopefully independence and confidence in producing cultural projects.

We help with:

  • Idea development
  • Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Event management
  • Technical assistance
  • PR

Become af part of the community of Huset

When you're creating events in Huset, you simultaneously become a part of a cultural platform which focus on co-creation and volunteering. You'll be a part of a network of multiple cultural operators and entrepreneurs, who all have a diffenrent set of skills to learn from.

Huset offer sessions, where we invite people with different kinds of disciplines to share knowledge and experience. 

As a cultural partner or volunteer you'll receive a Huset-card. The card redeem several benefits within Huset, eg. discount in bars, entrance fees, in Husets Biograf, Bastard Café and Spisehuset.

Does Huset have rooms or places for use?

Huset is four floors and contains several venues, including music stages, black box scenes, a cinema, a restaurant and a café. Theese facilities complement eachother in the making of cultural projects and events. At larger events (festival, conference, etc.) it's possible to book more than one location at the same time.

Wihtin your cultural partnership with Huset you'll primarily have access to:


Xenon is the most spectacular scene of Huset, placed on the fourth and top floor. There's a black box with an associated light foyer. Xenon is suited for theater shows, performances and holistic concert concepts, that interact with the scenografi, light and visuals. It's basically the most experimental venue of Huset.

Capacity: 150 people. 


Musikcaféen is placed on the third floor and is the oldest venue of Huset. It's focusing on alternative music, growth layer and world. The venue is recommended for concerts, but it's also suitable for comedy, cabaret og similar traditional set ups.

Capacity: 150 people.


Stardust takes place on the first floor and is challenged on sound, because the building is made out of concrete. Nontheless Stardust is decorated very nice and cozy with small café tables and a floor high scene, which make the room a perfect fit for jazz, talks, storytelling, impro or similar auditory events. Every tuesday-thursday the scene is booked by Paradise Jazz, who has been a part of Stardust for over 20 years.

Capacity: 150 people.


Balsalen is a banquet room in continuation of the restaurant Spusehuset, placed on the first floor. Balsalen is especially used for trying new and creative concepts, where you as cultural operator can try to manage an event on your own. At Balsalen we prioritize events with focus on immersion and communication such as debates, readings, talks, science, literature and food culture. 

Capacity: 60-80 people.


It's also possible to reach out to one of our permanent partners:

Husets Biograf

On second floor Husets Biograf takes place with it's special and old school expresssions. It's a very cozy setting with older furniture and pleasant lighting of the room.

Capacity: 63 people.

Do you want to manage a movie screening or another event at Husets Biograf? Contact Jack Stevenson here: 


Next to Husets Biograf another black box called Vox exists. It's being administered by Theaterhuset and is primarily used by Theaterhuset's members to peform different kinds of shows and performances, but Vox is also recommended for eg. talks and comedy.

Capacity: 50 people.



Under old, wooden beams and good-feeling interior Spisehuset takes place. It's a good setting for dialoque and food culture. It's possible to combine a booking of both Spisehuset and Balsalen, because they are laying right next to eachother.

Capacity: 80 people.


Bastard Café

Are you interested in making events about gamles? We'll recommend to contact our partner Bastard Café placed on the ground floor of Huset.


Salon K 

Salon K is a calssic copenhagenbased salon. It was renovated and brought back to it's old roots from 1750. Now it's protected as a Danish cultural heritage. The baquet room is usally used for weddings, conferences and mettings, but are also used as a room for different kinds of events throughout time.

Capcity: 80 standing og 65 seated guests. 



How can I get a cultural partnership with Huset?

  1. You'll check if your event- or project ideas match our critiria and requirements for Huset.
  2. Afterwords you'll evaluate the focus on your event or project. Is it primarily focusing on music or culture? It's important to know, becuase we have two editors focusing on these to paths.
  3. Now you're ready send us your application through our contact form.

We can't guarantee giving an answer on every inquiry. So if you're not hearing from us, it might not have been a relevant event or projekt for Huset.